Science and Research

Science and research are an integral part of the activities of Slovenské elektrárne. As a leading company in the nuclear industry and the only company operating nuclear reactors in Slovakia, research of Slovenské elektrárne focuses mainly on activities aimed at supporting increased nuclear safety, support for the completion of units 3 and 4 of the Mochovce nuclear power plant (MO 34), improvement of the operational parameters and assessment of the lifespan of the main components of nuclear power plants. Other areas of interest are safety issues in the operation of nuclear power plants, maintaining reliability of the systems, components and structures, smart diagnostic systems and the storage and transport of spent fuel for further use, not least the environmental protection too.

The operational experience constantly requires new solutions, materials, and procedures for which Slovenské elektrárne tries to find the solution through the applied science and research. It cooperates with a range of partners, particularly Slovak technical universities and the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV). This way, Slovenské elektrárne provides indirect support for science and research in Slovakia. In 2015, Slovenské elektrárne invested nearly 3 million euros in various science and research projects.

Centrum pre vedu a výskum, s. r. o. (CVV) as a 100% subsidiary of Slovenské elektrárne has been increasing its competence each year and is able to solve innovation projects with own experts.

In cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU) and other partners, the National Competence Centre has been established as a centre for research of new materials, progressive technologies and the power industry. In 2015 no suitable call for potential use of European structural funds was published therefore we did not start any new project of that kind.

Since 2015, Slovenské elektrárne has some common scientific laboratories at the premises of SAV in Bratislava, Dúbravská cesta that allows a day-to-day contact with the community of scientists and researchers.

The Company has high ambitions to participate in deeper science and research cooperation on the international level (Halden reactor project, SNETP Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform, ENIQ European Network for Inspection Qualification). The common objective of these international projects is to bring together financial and human capital to carry out projects that transcend national borders, to involve Slovak scientists in the international teams and to recruit international experts to projects implemented in Slovakia.

Hydroelectric Power Plants

Efficient utilization of the hydropower potential and continual development of new projects small hydro-power plants still remains the priority of Slovenské elektrárne. In 2015 we registered a significant progress in preparation of small hydro projects in localities of Vojany and Švedlár. The cooperation with the state owned Slovenský vodohospodársky podnik, š.p. continued, its aim is to make a thorough reconstruction of Rakovec plant which is one of the oldest hydro power plants in Slovakia.

Other Renewables

Slovenské elektrárne successfully continued in project of biomass co-combustion in Vojany and Nováky power plants. In August 2015 Vojany power plant (EVO) made successful test of biological degradable waste co-combustion. A fermented mixture of water treatment sludge and wood chips is an alternative ecological fuel which may be a mean of increasing the ecological contribution of EVO and improvement of operational efficiency. Successful combustion tests verified a possible level of biological degradable waste co-combustion reaching as much as 29%. Then at the end of 2015 the certification was carried out for ancillary services provided through co-combustion of the biological degradable waste by EVO.

In 2015 green combined electricity and heat generation continued in Nováky power plant using co-combustion of biomass from local sources and local lignite. The share of biomass co-combustion in ENO A FK1 fluidized-bed boiler represented approximately 5%, saving thus 12 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Hydroelectric power plants Biomass co-combustion

Energy Services

To be an innovative and sustainable company is one of the main objectives of Slovenské elektrárne, therefore the Company has widened the scope of its activities to include provision of energy services for businesses, municipalities and other clients in public and private sector. The aim is to offier to clients reliable and superior energy efficiency services, propoase and implement energy saving measures through energy performance contacts and other forms.


In 2015, Slovenské elektrárne continued in expanding its final customer base by achieving the total volume of supplied electricity of 6 TWh and the total volume of gas of 0.2 TWh. SE Predaj, a 100% subsidiary company of Slovenské elektrárne substantially consolidated its position in the Slovak market and is ranked fourth among the electricity suppliers. It provided the volume exceeding 3 TWh to its customers. Sale operations in the Czech and Polish market are carried out through SE branch offices in Prague and Warsaw. The corporate customers with a consumption exceeding 1 GWh per year are the core of the Company business in this segment.

Energy performance contracting
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