For 2015, the Company set itself 52 environmental objectives with a total value of 34 082 000 euro, the aim of which is permanent improvement of the Company´s environmental behaviour. Of these, 20 objectives amounting to 31 175 000 euro were successfully completed, 20 objectives amounting to 2 864 000 euro have been continuously performed, 4 objectives are in delay and 12 objectives were postponed.

Air Protection

Savings of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas in the amount of 42 250 tonnes were achieved by replacing fossil fuels with wood chips - biomass in fluidised-bed boilers in Nováky power plant (12 139 tonnes) and Vojany power plant (30 111 tonnes), which supplied to the SR grid 9% electricity generated from wood chips.

Pollutants released into the air (t)
SO2 emissions (t)

Continuous measuring of the automatic monitoring stations (AMS) of outdoor air quality in Nováky power plant surroundings (Oslany municipality) and Vojany power plant (Leles municipality) showed slightly higher values comparing to the previous year. Measured values are continuously provided to respective environment authorities, as well as to the Slovak Hydro-meteorological Institute. The measured values are lower as limit values for people's health protection and critical values for vegetation protection.

Oslany Automatic Monitoring Station (μg.m-3)
Leles Automatic Monitoring Station (μg.m-3)

An objective indicator of air pollution related to electricity supply from the facilities of Slovenské elektrárne is the amount of pollutants released per total amount of electricity supplied to the Slovak grid. In a year-to-year comparison, specific CO2 emissions in 2015 were higher in particular due to the slightly lower amounts of electricity generated in nuclear and hydro power plants ( Gabčíkovo hydro power plantVodohospodárska výstavba, š.p.).

Verified CO2 emissions (kt)
Specific CO2 emissions (g/kWh)

Water Protection

Consumption of drinking water has a decreasing tendency, year-to-year saving is 12.1%. In 2015, a favourable trend in technical and cooling water consumption for electricity and heat generation continued. Decrease by 1.3% in comparison to 2014 reflects implementation of total saving measures, as well as the efforts to operate technological installations at the lowest initial costs.

Drinking water consumption 2010 – 2015 in thousands of m3
Consumption of Technological & Cooling Water in millions of cubic m3

Waste Management

Small increase in total waste production by 12.9% in 2015 concerns higher production of technological waste from combustion processes in thermal power plants, Nováky B1,2 reconstruction and preparation of preserved pipeline system for Mochovce 3&4 commissioning.

Other waste (kt)
Hazardous waste (kt)

A part of technological waste, i.e. ashes, slag, calcium sulphate at Nováky TPP, sludge from chemical water treatment at Bohunice NPP that meet the relevant statutory criteria are a by-product, not waste.

By-products consumed by external consumers were used mainly for:
  • production of concrete, lime, autoclaved aerated concrete, brick products: 194,867 tons

  • filling of exploited mining areas : 5,541 tons

  • regulation of soil acidity: 9,224 tons

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