Slovenské elektrárne has developed a system to support socially responsible initiatives and strategy that are covered by the Energy for the Country Program. The program includes five basic areas aimed at culture, sport, environment, social help and education. In 2015 the Company spent in total nearly 346 000 euro in social responsibility activities; the amount does not include projects supported by tax assignation.

Energy for Culture

Slovenské elektrárne, a. s. supports on a long-term basis culture and cultural heritage. One of our key activities in 2015 was the artistic illumination of Bratislava’s art exhibition hall, the Kunsthalle, implemented in close cooperation with the Slovak Ministry of Culture and the National Public Education Centre. The new programmable system of LED lighting sources not only gives life to the building facade, but also helps in connecting exhibition premises and important public premises.

Cooperation with the Slovak National Gallery continued successfully, Slovenské elektrárne, a. s. supported the unique exhibition Biedermeier, offering visitors a glimpse into the artistic period of the first half of the 19th century.

Slovenské elektrárne, a. s. again offered supporting of Kremnické gagy festival, where the best performers of humour and satire from Slovakia and abroad meet every year.

Energy for Sport

Slovenské elektrárne supported international cycling race Tour de Slovaquie under the name Energy on Wheels, in which hundreds of amateur cycling enthusiasts of all ages participated.

Slovenské elektrárne, .a.s. continued in its support to the traditional event Hviezdy deťom (Stars for Children), in which excellent Slovak footballers and hockey players - Martin Škrteľ, Marián Gáborík and many others - participate in order to support the tournament of young sport talents and collect funds to support socially responsible initiatives.

In addition to this, the Company has also supported a lot of regional events and sport clubs in various areas as running, hockey, football, skating, basketball, water polo, and canoeing.

Energy for Nature

Nature protection is among the priorities of Slovenské elektrárne. We develop long-standing partnerships with the communities around plants, and above all it is long-term cooperation with national parks (TANAP), the Slovak Tourist Club (KST), Mountain Rescue Association and Mountain Rescue Service.

We continue in supporting the projects of endangered species protection within which 1 600 animals of endangered species returned to the Tatras. In 2015 as well, the most popular activity was monitoring of a lesser spotted eagle family of the eagle called Anička (engl. Anne). The public could on-line monitor its migration routes to wintering and back on the webpage

The important part of cooperation is life-saving in the Tatras, which is why the Company handed over to its partners five automated external defibrillator, which serves for rescue of patients with heart failure.

Slovenské elektrárne has devoted long time to the project of mountain chalets greening. After successful projects of establishing photovoltaic system at the Téry Chalet and revitalisation of small hydro power plant (SHPP) at Zelené pleso (Green lake), the Company put into operation photovoltaic system at the Zbojnícka Chalet and Žiarska Chalet, and decreased electricity consumption by replacing of old light sources with new light sources based on LED.

The Company also introduced the project aimed at energy saving which will start with energy audits on the Chalet of Milan Rastislav Stefanik at the Low Tatras.

Also the project EkoObec (Eco-Town) focuses on the environment. Slovenské elektrárne helped to implement 40 energy audits of building in municipalities and towns all around Slovakia within this project in 2015. The audits identified measures for energy saving and proposed technical solutions for costs decrease and improvement of operation effectiveness.

Energy for Education

Slovenské elektrárne pays close attention to the issue of education support and is aware of the significance and importance of well-trained graduates for further development of the Company. That is why they organise a lot of activities aimed at support of clever and active students at all school levels. The Company´s representatives handed over the Aurel Stodola award to the university students for power industry to the authors of the best dissertation, master and bachelor thesis together with financial awards.

In addition, Slovenské elektrárne granted motivation scholarship to the technical university students; its main objective is to support the growth of a new generation of engineers and technicians for the Slovak electric power industry. In the academic-year 2015/2016 applications for scholarships were received from 124 students and a total of 25 scholarships were awarded.

Our technicians provide their know-how and experience to the university students within expert consultations for final thesis or scientific publishing.

In 2015, the Company introduced the first one – pilot project Summer School of Power Industry, the project aimed at the university students of technical and non-technical departments with the goal to motivate young people in studying in the area of power industry in order to attract more students to the issues related to power industry and share with them the latest trends and news. The first year of the project was held under the auspices of Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Energy Union. 20 excellent students of universities from Ural to Great Britain were selected; they participated in the program of lessons, workshops, discussions and visits to power plants.


Slovenské elektrárne supported the activities of secondary school students through general partnership in the event the Week of Science and Technology organised by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. Slovenské elektrárne support on a long-term basis the non-profit organisation Association for Youth, Science and Technology (AMAVET), mainly the Festival of Science and Technology, which represents the most important exposition of secondary school science projects in Slovakia. The winners at the Festival of Science and Technology may participate in prestigious international scientific festivals as Intel ISEF or I-SWEEP and start their own academic career.

In cooperation with AMAVET, Slovenské elektrárne prepared events aimed at popularisation of science and technology titled Science Talks. Leading Slovak scientists prof. Karel Šafařík and doc. Peter Chochula from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (known as CERN) gave talks at universities in Bratislava, Žilina and Košice. In addition to these series of talks, Slovenské elektrárne and AMAVET organised the event Science Talks, as the implement part of the Festival of Science and Technology, where successful young scientists shared their experience in the area of science, Michaela Musilová, astrobiologist, who participated in research for NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). She took part in a Martian simulation expedition at the Mars Desert Research Station in USA, or Kateřina Falk, who specialises in laser research, she worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in USA and today she helps to develop experiments for the most efficient laser in the world.

The new information centre Energoland was available for all students from elementary schools to universities during the whole year, while winning the prestigious Black Doplhine Award at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2015 for the best 3D movie.

Energy for Life

The Company gives a helping hand to the socially deprived and disadvantaged groups. In 2015, Slovenské elektrárne supported the project of the DePaul Slovakia low-threshold night shelter, resocialisation for the homeless with Nota Bene, the international homeless theatre festival ERROR or Citizen's Association VAGUS.

The very important initiative was support to the project of self-help construction of low- cost houses in local Roma settlement in the municipality of Kojatice, where selected families through the program People in Need got a chance to save money, take loan and build their own small houses. These houses replaced infamous huts and enabled them to lead a dignified life. The key feature of the project is saving and self–help working force as two basic conditions defined by Slovenské elektrárne before entering the project. This pilot project shows that socially excluded people can move forward based on their own efforts and initiatives, what raise chances for the gradual improvements of communities life.

Apart from this, the Company supported young people with drug addictions in the Ľudovítov Community, the Roma Spirit, which awards the outstanding examples of best practice of individuals, non-governmental organisations, companies, municipalities and other entities which by their everyday activities at work actively participate in the process of improving life quality, social conditions and the Roma minority position in our society. Slovenské elektrárne supported several charity and fund-raising campaigns such as An Hour for Children, a Smile as a Gift and Unicef.

Employees as Ambassadors for Philanthropic Projects

The Company also involves its employees in decisions on support projects for the public good.

During 2015, as part of the programme "Show Yourself in a Better Light", a total of 387 employees and their family members took part as volunteers in 23 projects; 8 of these projects subsequently obtained financial support for their project from a total disbursement of over 23 620 euro.

Communication with the Regions

Proactive and transparent communication with the public in the regions where our plants are situated is one of the main tools of corporate social responsibility of Slovenské elektrárne.

Regional associations of towns and villages and specialised bodies for communicating with plant operators – civic information commissions perform their activity in the regions around the Mochovce and Bohunice Nuclear Power Plants (EMO and EBO). Their purpose is to support communication between the plants and the surrounding population. The representatives of the Civic Information Commissions meet with the power plant management on a regular basis in order to exchange information.

Another means for communicating with the population of the regions around the Mochovce and Bohunice nuclear power plants is the monthly magazine, which is published with a monthly print run of 7 300 copies and distributed free of charge to all municipal offices within a 20-km radius of both power plants.

Corporate publications and magazines

Visits to information centres and our power plants are great contribution to the communication process. Almost 22,000 visitors came to our power plants in 2015. Of it more than 15,000 visitors came to the new Energoland information center at Mochovce.

Regional events for public titled Open Plant gained a lot of popularity in the past years, introducing local population to our nuclear, thermal and hydro power plants. In 2015 these events attracted more than 5 000 visitors.